Sunday, May 11, 2014

Honeysuckle Path

Honeysuckle Path
Oil on panel, 12x9
Penn Valley Plein Air Fest
Buttonwood Gallery, Kansas City
This was the second painting of a three painting day, just before the Pioneer Mother Paint-Out at the Penn Valley Park on Thursday.  While walking the loop around the Pioneer Mother Statue, the sweet smell of honeysuckle along the western edge wafted through the air.  The bushes spilled over the path, creating such an inviting scene, I just had to paint it. With under 2 hours before the quick paint, I blocked in the light and shadow - loving the way the shadows stretched across the lawn.  The lightposts gave a nostalgic feel to the place - so like Central Park!  This was another day spent fighting the wind!  It really is exhausting when gust of wind blow me, the panel and the brush in unexpected directions!  I guess that just adds to the impressionistic strokes on this painting!  How wonderful it is to have such a beautiful park in the heart of the city.  This and 5 others are now showing at the Buttonwood Gallery just down the street from this park in Kansas City.  Painting number 495 in 495 days.  Happy Mother's Day!

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