Friday, August 4, 2023

Glory in the Sky


I've only to look to the skies above to find such awesome inspiration! So often, I'm too busy to stop everything and paint a gorgeous sky, but I'm trying to be more mindful with my schedule.  Always filling every minute with a many things as I can, I find there really is merit in the here and now, and allowing those things that appear in the moment to REALLY make an appearance.  I let go of time a little, so these opportunities can slip right in, and I can appreciate them completely.  As the color grew in the sky, I knew there were possibilities growing, too.  Beautiful cloud formations abounded to the south where only clearing skies were to the north.  With 3 big brushes, I jumped right into it, painting all the large masses quickly.  Reserving each brush for a color - yellow, blue, and violet, I could didn't waste time cleaning my brushes until I had everything painted - and I saved the green bits until the end, when a dirty brush wouldn't matter.  My paint is getting thick from all my days of painting in the heat. I must clean it up before the next plein air event, but for now I'll concentrate on using it all up!  Painting number 3861 in 3861 days. 

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