Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Pavilion Garden

I stayed late at the Pavilion to finish this painting - and it went home with a new collector, heading back from the beach!  I started sketching during the wet paint sale, but was so busy talking to people and writing up tickets, I didn't get very far.  So, I kept working while the band played, knowing Mom would want to hear their whole show.  I was still painting when Mom came over to sit, and was just finishing up when a new patron returned to find me still there!  She bought the painting and I walked back to our place - twice - to get it framed. I think I was meant to paint that painting for her all along!  Painting number 3844 in 3844 days. 


  1. Ah how nice to have someone enjoy your lovely art. This is so very pretty. Hope you have a great day. I have been to Chautauqua Lake...beautiful place and the institute is wonderful as well. Have a great end to your week.

    1. Thank you! Yes - this really is a special place to visit and paint! Hope you have a great weekend!