Thursday, March 23, 2023

Moon and Stars over Main Street Inn

I LOVE returning to this magical place to visit with friends and make new ones!  Sainte Genevieve is a special place in this world - and I'm thanking my lucky stars that I found it!  Most often, I paint en plein air, finding my perfect scenes and capturing them in oils. For this gorgeous scene, I actually captured the image while painting a different composition in oil, of the same nocturne.  Everything about your place screamed watercolor batik to me - clear skies, moon and stars, in hot wax bright vibrant color, and finally I had the time while painting other gallery pieces, to realize my vision in this special medium.  Its how it works with special places and scenes, and sometimes, I don't get the chance to paint that vision before it is gone.  I can see the painting so clearly in my mind, but sometimes life gets in the way, and all those other obligations call to me before I can bring the painting to fruition, and then it is gone, a lost opportunity forgotten until I revisit the place, and feel the urge anew.  This crazy artist life, how hard it is to describe to another.  I feel a painting, already a vision in my mind, waiting for the breath of life, and if I have the time I dive right in...... but then there are the times I just can't pick up the brushes yet..... Tonight I am thankful this one came to fruition, and I'm saying a little prayer for all those paintings yet to be! Painting number 3728 in 3728 days. 


  1. So beautiful. Great way to capture a night scene.

    1. Thank you so much! This medium really is made for nocturne paintings! ♥️🎨