Sunday, August 28, 2022

On the Strip

I started this one out standing on the sidewalk, close enough to jump in the car should the rain begin.  Well, I didn't get much sketching in before the clouds opened up - and I tossed my gear in the car.  The ink I use would bleed into a black mess if rained on!  So, I sketched in the car (which I'd backed into a spot for a good vantage), and resumed my line work.  Not long after, a "sketchy" guy in a truck parked beside me.  I had several friends on the street who honed in on the situation, stopping by my window, and walking to to me frequently.  Even though the rain had stopped, I finished this one in the car.  It pays to be alert to your surroundings and your intuition.  Happy to have friends looking out for me as well! Painting number 4317 in 4317 days.  This painting now showing at Lake Fine Art Galleria on Bagnell Dam Boulevard!  

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