Friday, August 19, 2022

Hot Summer Night on the Strip

This watercolor nocturne sure was a challenge during a busy car show on Bagnell Dam!  There were so many people, I could hardly see my scene at times, and I had to stand back from the walkway without tumbling down into a ravine!  My first attempt at using watercolor for a nocturne, I struggled with getting the colors as dark as I wanted.  I added and added pigment to get it where I needed it.  It is also my first time to use a light while painting at night, and it was a good thing I had it.  It was very dark at my back with no light to paint by!  I would normally choose a more comfortable place from which to paint - this was the view I wanted, so no other place would do.  This painting was certainly a lesson in perseverance, from the gridlock in traffic beforehand to the long walk from the car, to pushing me to pick up my gouache after many years of neglect.  I've found a while new painting adventure with that medium. So happy the gallery owner wanted this painting for her very own, too!  Painting number 4308 in 4308 days. 

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