Monday, July 5, 2021


These vibrant double daylilies are spectacular in the garden!  A real showstopper, I have only seen the doubles at the Amelia Earhart home in Atchison, Kansas. Another friend told me these lilies are a civil war era variety. They stand tall among lilies and are at their best for the 4th of July.  On this busy holiday weekend of festivities and family fun here, I am slipping in a miniature painting to match my tiny painting window.  With ink and watercolor I sketch first the lilies, then follow with watercolor to add life to the blooms.  I love painting in the golden light of evening - the perfect time to capture these beauties!  Perhaps I'll paint them in oil this year, I'm not sure I ever have!  Painting number 3094 in 3094 days. 

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