Sunday, May 9, 2021

Looking Down S. Sante Fe

In town under an hour, and I found quickly my way to the Historic district just blocks from my housing.  I gravitate to wonderful places life this, steeped in history while embracing the arts!  I just had to sketch this lovely street scene in pen and ink!  Setting up against a bank building for shade and shelter from the strong wind, I began my line work with my extra fine nibbed fountain pen and water resistant ink.  Once I had my road map in, I started with my broad nibbed pen and soluble ink.  The broad nib delivers more ink per line, and I find I'm using ink more quickly.  The bonus is time saving, because I'm repeating lines less often, but I must be careful.  It is pretty easy to drop too much ink - and then I'm blotting up the excess before it can dry!  I love how ink lends a timeless quality to any subject, and it is especially well suited for architecture. Painting number 3041 in 3041 days. 

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