Saturday, May 8, 2021

Blank Canvas Gala

 I have never been to Salina, Kansas before today - and boy was it a treat!  The historic downtown district is full of vintage buildings and small town charm, with artistic embellishments sprinkled about.  I first sketched 2 pen and ink paintings of Sante Fe and the front of the Art Center, before deciding to work in oil.  I started blocking in the space when the band arrived.  As they practiced, I painted them in.  Once the patrons arrived, all dressed in white for the Blank Canvas Gala, I started painting them in as well.  As the light shifted to evening, I made a few adjustments as needed.  All three pieces were auctioned off, with intermission for 70 mph winds and hail.  Three tornado warnings later and the worst hail storm I've ever seen, I am now getting this posted.  I sure met a lot of nice people here today.  I'm looking first to visiting again when I have more time. Painting number 3040 in 3040 days. 

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