Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hickory Lake Boat Launch

We arrived just in time to pick up our packets at the registration in town, dashing to our host home to unload a few things from the car.  Starting a little late, we scouted down the main road through Augusta Shores.  As soon as I saw the light on Hickory Lake, I wanted to paint it!  The very clear blue sky reflected so beautifully off the surface!  Standing mid way up the drive, in the sun, I found my perfect vantage and sketched it out in paint.  Starting a paint at 1:00 is something I almost never do, so the light was a challenge!  I struggled to make sense of the light and shadow in the distant trees, I even had to walk away from my painting to clear my head!  Haha!  With so many daily paintings under my belt, this almost never happens.  With perseverance I tried to make sense of it all as color came back into the scene with time.  This painting took twice as long as it should have - and it ended up winning the Augusta Shores Paint Out!!  The moral of this story is - NEVER GIVE UP!  Painting number 3025 in 3025 days. 

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