Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Orange Cupped White Daffodils

I love painting these sweet orange cupped white daffodils right outside my door!  Part of a large mixed bag I planted in the fall, these lovelies are new to my garden!  I do wish I could find their real name - maybe I will with a little more research. Choosing ink and watercolor on a 3x3 inch cotton paper, I start the sketch with my pen.  My TWSBI Eco pictured is loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink, and I'm moves with a little water. I use another pen for the lines I don't want to move, and it is filled with De Atramentis Archive Ink and has a fine nib.  A little watercolor brings it to life, and I am ready to start another.  I found a new variety out by an old well  - and I hope to get it painted before it fades!  Painting number 3003 in 3003 days. 

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