Sunday, May 3, 2020

Peace at the Pond

We've been clearing some trees and brush around the pond in recent weeks, and I love the expanding view.  Each time I walk down here, I am rewarded by the local tenants!  This evening the bullfrogs jumped into the water with load peeps, a kingfisher dropped in for a little dinner, and our blue heron flew up to a favorite limb on a large tree before flying off.  He and Beau are not the best of friends!  The golden hour light was perfect as I started to paint, and the first glow of sunset spread gently through the scene.  I only used the palette knife sparingly, so gentle was the mood on the water.  It's like a tiny vacation in the middle of real life, I'm so thankful for this place.  Painting number 2675 in 2675 days.