Sunday, May 17, 2020

Orange Pansies at Night

Here I am again, painting after dark because I wouldn't stop working outside!  Mike was running the brush hog, cutting the path again and clearing out brush from around the largest, oldest tree on the place.  I'm already composing paintings in my head with that tree!  These bright and cheerful pansies are close to the front porch so are conveniently lit for my late night painting!  So tonight I choose ink and watercolor and my favorite TWSBI Diamond fountain pen in lavender is pictured - and I have it loaded with Thunderstorm ink by Robert Oster.  It's bend to violet and turquoise is the perfect compliment for those orange petals!  Love these warm painting nights!  Painting number 2687 in 2687 days.


  1. So cool that it was done at night. It’s a shade of pansy I don’t think I’ve seen. Lovely!

  2. Love your papers! I make paper with deckled edges like yours, and I wonder what is used to make them to absorb ink and paint without blotting! Is cotton involved?

  3. I am with you. On non stormy days I am outside. I love love love these orange flowers.