Friday, December 8, 2017

December Sunset

After a busy day climbing in and out of the attic, I rush downstairs to start dinner..... and see the glory unfolding on the western hill!  Too many times I see this kind of beauty, and simply can not stop to paint it.  Not this time!  I turn the water on to boil, and by the time it is at a full roll, I have captured the sunset!  I've gained speed in the last months, I was finished before all the light was gone - and the sun was already down when I started.  I did not even take the time to get my small pochade out of the car!  I held my panel instead, using two brushes to paint the whole thing.  I would have used one, but I didn't have my oil to wash my brush out!  I can't be picky with so little time!  I guess you would call this "roughing it " plein air style!  Painting number 1783 in 1783 days.
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