Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tangle of Trees

With 8 new ink samples in brown from the Goulet Pen Company, I simply had to try the final 6.  I thought I would compete a drawing with each one, and then decide my favorite, but I that only lasted 2 drawings.  Hidden in the branches and trunks are the ink names where they are used.  This will help me choose my inks in the future.  They are all wonderful, some pushing more red, others to the yellow when wet.  One even pushes violet.  I think I will first load my pen with the darkest and coolest in temperature - Diamine Macassar.  It is very appropriate for what I see in the landscape right now. The Diamine Chocolate Brown in a VERY close second.  In fact, I may change my mind before I get that new pen loaded......maybe I need more fountain pens!   Painting number 1775 in 1775 days.

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