Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mountain View

Early the first morning in Colorado Springs, Mike and I went down for breakfast, sitting out on the balcony and waiting for the kids to join us.  With journal in hand, I drew the mountain scene as we talked, sitting in soft, cushy chairs with a cup of hot tea.  The air was cool and brisk, not at all like the hot muggy air we left in Missouri.  This is the first painting in this journal, which I am hoping to fill wth Colorado paintings.  It feels a little funny using the Pitt pen after so many drawings with the fountain pen.  It is just proof I need to keep my hand in it, just to maintain my confidence with these tools.  The watercolor lays down easily, but I think I should have brought another pan set with cooler colors.  Who knew the hues would change so much in the mountains?  Painting number 1616 in 1616 days.  My, how time is flying by!

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