Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Horse - Da Vinci Style

i have a journal that I reserve for studying master works.  The pages have an aged look, and the hard cover is meant for a drawing of it's own.  Here, I am working in the style of Da Vinci, loosely trying to keep my marks within his bounds. I am using an India ink pen for this, no pencil or fountain pen, just the line to shade and turn the form. I can learn so much by working from a master's piece - I don't dio this nearly enough.  Perhaps I need to give it one day out of 30? I really LOVE working from life, but drawing from Da Vinci could only improve my skills.  Painting number 1623 in 1623 days. 


  1. To study and copy a master is a valuable lesson. I have done this many times drawing, oil, acrylic and of course watercolor! I am now studying the urban sketchers! As always Tammie, your blog is such a treasure to read and see you're daily work. Like studying a master!

  2. I would love to go through your journals. This is stunning.