Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wine and Glasses in Ink

After a very busy Easter gathering with much family,  the house has settled down and I am on cleaning duty!   As I sift through the chores,  my mind wanders to my daily painting.  What better thing to record than the remnants of the day?  So,  I leave the empty wine bottle and a few of the glasses on the table,  and grab my brand new handmade journal from India!  It's buffalo hide cover is thin, supple and buttery.  The 100% cotton rag paper has wonderful texture,  is velvety and thinner than my other handmade journals.  Will it support the use of water?  I gingerly sketch with my Pilot Varsity fountain pen,  careful not to leave the nib on the surface too long.  I'm a little fearful of bleeding through.  As I take my water brushpen lightly over the lines,  the ink works it's magic.  It does not bleed through nor damage the paper.  In my carefulness, I leave it lighter.......I like it!!  Should I use this fancy journal for my upcoming sketch event?   Hmmmm....I think I might.....!  Painting number 1558 in 1558 days :)

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