Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kate's Coffee in Ink

My new handmade journal has the most delicious paper!  The 100% cotton rag paper is soft and velvety,  and with a gentle texture.  This was the first drawing of the Josh Been sketching workshop,  and I have had so much fun!  It took me a little while to settle on my subject matter, but once I did, I drew four sketches back to back!  This was such an informative workshop - I am so happy I was able to take it!  If you ever get a chance to learn from Josh Been,  jump at it!  I have drawn this coffee house with my new fountain pen and a water brushpen to gradate the values.  I can float water right over this paper, and the magic just happens.  LOVE this journal!  Painting number 1560 in 1560 days :)

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