Friday, November 11, 2016

Nutcrackers for Sale

I am "drawn" to nutcrackers!  These are the first I've seen for the season - and they demanded my attention!   I found these three lined up on a shelf, and I took out my favorite fine Pitt pen and got to work.   With only 30 minutes to draw before meeting the others in the cafe for lunch, I worked fast.  As I finished my sketch, I checked my watch for the time before grabbing my watercolors.  Darn!   It was time to go, no time for adding color today!   Now I'm wondering if I should add color or not?  Maybe I should just do one in oils, or acrylics?   This handmade sketchbook is SO special!   I may never go back to ordinary again......!  This painting is the 1401st in 1401 days :)

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