Monday, November 28, 2016

Autumn at the Open Gate

I was charging right through that " to do" list today, as the gorgeous weather called to me softly.  Another chore done, the car loaded up for errands, and my tripod practically jumped out of the trunk!  I could no longer resist. I grabbed my new 8x10 Guerilla Pochade, and headed to the old gate.  The light was particularly nice cutting through the trees, so I set up quickly.  Since this is the first time I've used this easel, I had to head back to the house three times for needed supplies!   I think I'll pack it with a Zorn palette, and keep it in the trunk.  I can't tell you the paintings I have missed simply because I didn't have my gear with me!   No more, my friend.  This painting makes 1418 in 1418 days, now back to work!
Autumn at the Open Gate
Oil on panel, 8x10
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