Monday, October 12, 2020

Union Cemetery Museum

 Union Cemetery is so gorgeous in October!  With autumn colors on, the landscape is at it's best this time of year.  This sweet little building is now home to the Historical Society - and my subject du jour with the Monday Morning Watercolorists!  I normally use my watercolors on Mondays, but early this morning I felt the need to pack my 5x7 thumb box pochade, too.  When autumn colors are popping I lean to my oils every time.  This crazy palette needs to be organized!  It started with saving paint from a broken glass palette all willy-nilly to this tiny Altoid tin. Then I dropped in paint where I could squeeze it in - and now we have this very textual piece of art!  I am going to fix up another tonight - so the next time I need this palette, it will be in order!  Painting number 2835 in 2835 days. 

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