Saturday, October 24, 2020

October Afternoon

What an amazing place to land for today's paint out!  This was actually my third painting of the day, the first two were landscapes in pen and ink.  These colors only grew more glorious with the day - and I HAD to paint them.  With scarcely enough time left for this larger painting, I had to work fast.  Sketching with my brush, I marked the masses as I filled in with oils.  The depth of color was breathtaking!  The little chickens gathered all and me, keeping me company with their sweet noises as I painted.  Seldom the last one in the field these days, I used every minute to paint before packing quick and rushing to judging.  I arrived with only minutes to spare!  How surprised and honored I was to win the First Place Purchase Award for this!!  What a great painting day - despite the cold and wind!!  Painting number 2847 in 2847 days. 

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