Thursday, October 1, 2020

Rusty Arbor Zinnias

This beautiful, rusty arbor called to me as I walked through the arboretum this morning.  After a grueling workout at the gym, the flora and fauna here rejuvenated me, calling to me at every turn.  Years ago, I painted this arbor when it was new, with a blushing pink climbing rose upon it.  The planting has changed from a rose garden to a zinnia garden, perfect choice for the arbor's vintage feel.  Using my oils over an old painting from 2011, I quickly get the masses in.  Since I was painting over a fountain painting - I had to blot that structure out early.  Once in loosely, it is fun to paint, allowing some of that background to peep through.  It really adds a depth in a hurry, and I love the feel.  Plus, reusing panels is always a great idea that saves me time and work!  And, it's kind of fun to have a secret painting hidden underneath!  Painting number 2825 in 2825 days. 

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