Saturday, October 10, 2020

First Presbyterian Church

Sometimes, I am so busy with the process of painting that I forget to get a photo until I have framed it!  I sketched out this historic church on a 6x6 handmade smooth cotton paper by Shizen. I normally save this smooth paper for ink alone, but I've started using more when adding watercolor - mainly because I need that specific size!  I am finding a way to make it work for me, although it reminds me of 140lb cold pressed paper.  Using that kind of watercolor paper when I first tried watercolor prevented me from picking up watercolor again for many years.  Only when I tried cotton paper did I find my love for it!  Adding watercolor gingerly - because of the paper - I coaxed it to completion. I love painting this sweet church from the Albion area!  Painting number 2833 in 2833 days.

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