Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Autumn at Maramec Springs

 I have driven by this Maramec Springs Park several times on my way to Steelville and Saint Genevieve, always wanting to check out out - but never enough time.  WELL.  I will not be making that mistake again.  This place is a wellspring for masterpieces and I could never tire of painting here!  With a focus of painting larger in the field, I am working on a 20x16 masonite panel.  Gessoed and dare I say previously painted - I am upcycling old works.  So, this painting has a secret painting underneath.  Isn't that fun?  My third large piece this week, the process really seemed more comfortable today.  The first day was a struggle to cover the surface, the second was more manageable, and today was almost effortless.  With such an inspiring place, how could it be otherwise?  Painting number 2850 in 2850 days.  This painting is now showing at Gallery Zeke for a limited time only! 

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