Thursday, August 16, 2018

Albert Kister Park

St Charles has been such a wonderful surprise for me!  Here with Tyler's family for the PGA Championship, we are walking distance from the historic district full of fabulous shopping, antique architecture, and the Mississippi River.  Truly a painter's paradise, I am squeezing in paintings whenever I can,  be it first thing in the morning or during little Nolan's lunch break!  My sketch bag disguised as a purse serves me well with my four pens, two watercolor sets, two water brushpens, and assorted paper.  I can start painting at the drop of a hat, and close up fast when I need to.  With so much historic beauty, I really do need more time here!  I definitely need to return with some of my closest artist friends! Painting number 2034 in 2034 days.

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