Sunday, August 19, 2018

First Mate

I love the sound of graphite skimming over paper.  The soft way it glides over the surface with just enough resistance to leave a mark, is so natural, it is a part of me.  I can almost do it with my eyes closed, the very act of drawing is so ingrained.  I'm very particular about my drawing tools.  For graphite, I only like the 8b, water soluble, by Derwent. I have all the various sizes and kinds of pencils, but this is the only one I use except for the rare mechanical pencil.  I only like a pink eraser, though I have many other fancy ones, the 50 cent one is my favorite by far.  I've tried many papers over the years, but for drawing in graphite, I only use vellum bristol board.  I love the torn edges of my handmade papers, so I very carefully applied that edge to the bristol.  A little more trouble, but SO worth it!  My pressed paper blending stubs are also pictured, a must have!  No touching the paper with fingers!  It will not accept the graphite correctly if you do.  This tiny bag of drawing tools has been many places with me, and is like an old friend.  Painting number 2037 in 2037 days.

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