Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Phlox and Potato Vines

The garden phlox is really showing off this year, especially against the neon green of the potato vines!  We've had just enough rain to keep them lush - so now I'm busy capturing them in paint!  I like to add permanent rose to my palette when I paint these flowers, the cads and alizarin just don't quite achieve their color.  I'm painting small and using a scrubby brush to lay down those color masses.  I find I'm using the Princeton catalyst polytips for the grunt work, saving my Rosemary and silver whites for the finish work only.  Why not?  These polytips really take a beating and keep on making the mark.  I'm so glad I stepped into the world of synthetic brushes after a lifetime belief that natural bristles ruled.  Painting number 2025 in 2025 days.
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