Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Yellow House Hydrangeas

Waking to strong winds along that coast, plans for plein air at Cave Point were scrapped. A little disappointed, we headed to the beauty of downtown Bailey's Harbor.  The flowers are gorgeous in front of so many buildings, but this yellow house with it's overflowing hydrangeas kept my attention.  With the changing plans, time ran short and my painting window dwindled to an hour.  No worries!  I chose an 8x10 panel and started laying paint without sketching it first. I often do this to make up a little time in the field.  It seems I NEVER have enough painting time!  Another obstacle?  I only had a dark panel primed for a nocturne, so this was my first time to paint a daytime panel on such a dark surface.  I ended up using more paint just to get good coverage, but other than that, it wasn't too distracting.  Every day is a lesson in the field.  Painting number 2019 in 2019 days.
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  1. Beautiful! Hope the Homeowner gets a chance to see it!