Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trickling Water

The winding creek lured me in.  I scouted a few other compositions, but this values and colors here hooked me.  This overcast day in the 80s feels like a gift when compared to the scorching 90 degree days we've been experiencing.   I set up close to the water, on uneven ground.  It is always better to find a level patch, but sometimes it can't be found with the vantage I want.  Additionally, I was backed up against a bridge, so I could not step back easily.  This had me side stepping, climbing the hill a little, and even peering down from the bridge just to check my work.  I like to step back often, I see things from a distance that I may not see up close.  When I was nearly done, the sun came out and completely transformed the landscape before me!  First rule of plein air - do NOT chase the light!  So, quitting time it is!   The icing on today's painting adventure cake?  The sweet trickling of water as I painted!  SO very relaxing!  Painting number 1969 in 1969 days.

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