Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cherry Tomatoes

Out for a little early morning weeding, and I caught these little jewels on the vine in watercolor!  I have three varieties and so far, these are the most prolific.  Notice the super cool fountain pen I'm holding?  That is an artisan pen that my son ordered for me from Pendora pens!  I found it on Instagram, and have two of their lovely pens!  LOVE those colors - and everyone knows one can be more creative with beautiful tools!  After the fountain pen and my favorite Levenger Raven Black ink, I sketch the tomatoes with India ink and a super fine nib.  Next comes the watercolor, and I'm mindful to save the whites. Truly a slice of my day, this little painting is number 1986 in 1986 days.  Now, it's time for a salad!! ❤

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