Thursday, June 7, 2018

Fort Frisco

Nestled at the end of a cobblestone street is this charming stone house in Fort Scott.  It was a beautiful drive all the way down, so many places were calling my name!  I drive north constantly, so heading south was a real treat!  So much so, I want to return for more painting!  I start with a small ink drawing to establish my composition, and start painting those lines on my panel.  I'm working 16x20 today, which is a good size for this particular easel.  If the wind is up, a larger box or tripod is necessary.  It is always good to have these back ups in the trunk.  I was painting close to the street to get the perfect view, and I was a bit of a novelty!  Cars stopped, everyone talking and commenting on the painting, a few even took pics!  I do this so often in places where it's "normal" to see artists in the field, that it was super fun to see such surprise on those faces!  I LOVE how friendly small towns are!  I even did a little scouting of Main Street and the old Fort on my way out of town.  I'm so glad my childhood friend invited me down to paint his home!  Thanks, Tim!  Painting number 1964 in 1964 days.
oil on panel, 16x20

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