Monday, June 11, 2018

Market and 3rd Street Inked

I am trying out a new set of brushpens today!  This three pack is a Master's Touch brand - and I think I'm really going to love them!  I try every brand out there, searching for my personal favorite, and these are contenders!  The large round is very loose with the water!  At first, I did not like it - too hard to control!  Always up for a challenge, I kept picking it up.  Now, that is the very thing I love - the very loose, unpredictable flow of that water and how it spreads that ink!  Juicy!  The small round does not have the same character, it is much more like the Koi brand.  I gave the medium round to Michaela, so who knows about that one?  There is nothing  as invigorating as experimenting with new tools!  Painting number 1968 in 1968 days.

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