Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Blue Awnings on Main Street

The sunlight was illuminating these awnings from across the railroad tracks. Scouting for the perfect location, I found a great spot in the shade with the babbling fountain to serenade me as I worked.  The color was fabulous!  I have a new blue on my palette - an Italian Capri blue, and it is perfect for the awning on the right.  Applied straight from the tube, it glows. If I mix the tiniest bit of another color to it, it melts away.  It must be very translucent!  So, I lay it straight, and don't touch it again.  It is a beautiful paint.  The other is a mix of a radiant Gamblin turquoise with a little of a Williamsburg turquoise.  Love these tiny dots of paint on the palette when I need them!  Painting number 1977 in 1977 days.

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