Thursday, July 20, 2017

Second and Vine

The morning light was stunning as it spread across Second street. After a few quick looks, I decided to paint.  At the edge of the opposite side of the street, I set up my easel and pulled out my pen.  Drawing helps me to get acquainted with my scene, making friends with the lines and shapes to come.  Within minutes, I am ready for paint.  Starting with my panel and palette in the shade (which is ideal), I finished in the sun.  If I have to paint in the full sun, I turn my panel to the shade to check my values.  If I forget this important step, my painting may be too dark when I bring it inside.  Bright sunlight has a way of tricking the eyes, so it is best to check before packing up those paints!  Painting number 1654 in 1654 days.


  1. Everything pulls together from the smallest brushstroke to the larger composition.