Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fountain at the Rose Garden

Another beautiful morning spent in one of my favorite places - the Rose Garden at Loose Park!  Today was the Urban Sketchers KC event, and I planted myself among the roses!  What a joy to paint such a beautiful place, surrounded by the fragrance of roses!  I first did an ink painting of this spot in the deep shade of a tree.  After a dropping bug bit me, I decided to move back 50 feet, getting out from under the branches.  My angle of the garden shifted a little, and I used my sketch less for reference.  I also need to reload this palette, as I have a lot of tacky paint on here!  I wish fairies would come at night and do all these little chores for me, allowing me to jump right into the important stuff!  This was another quick paint, just over an hour, and this could certainly be more finished.  I must come back here and paint large!  I love this place!  Painting number 1641 in 1641 days.

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