Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hay Bales

I drove by this little slice of heaven after running errands in the thick of town, and HAD to double back!  At 127th and Metcalf - this view can be had from the parking lot of a business, no bugs, no standing in tall grass, and with my XM running.  My pocket box was loaded and ready to go, so after a quick sketch, I started painting.  My tiny Altoid tin palette could use a few summer adjustments, like sap green and yellow ochre, but I made due. All those years of using a limited palette only make acclimating to whatever I have a piece of cake.  I like the stiffer oils, and find the creamy ones just a little mushy. I loaded paint to this tiny palette from a broken piece of glass I was cleaning off, and a few of those were Rembrandts. I like the brand, but find laying a stroke over the top more difficult. I love these big round bales, and these are only the first of the season!  Painting number 1634 in 1634 days.

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