Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Marblehead Lighthouse

Before setting up to paint, a nice couple shared the weather info with me, warning that a storm was imminent and pulling up their radar to show me where it is. Looked like I would have an hour to paint.  Five minutes in, the raindrops started to fall. Yikes!  I had to get that panel covered with paint before rain hit it!  I tilted the panel downward and painted as fast as I could!  A young girl came up and asked if she could paint, so I handed her my brush and showed her how to lay in some green for the trees.  The rain picked up and I took over, working fast.  I just knew the clouds were going to open up before I finished, but I got it done - and the storm went completely around us!  Painting number 1645 in 1645 days.

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