Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter's Night - miniature

Winter's Night
Acrylic on canvas, 4x4 - gallery wrapped
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What a wonderful and productive day this has been!  I painted four paintings, wrapped presents and cooked for tonight's "rowdy girl" Christmas party, as well as all the other preparations needed - with only 15 minutes to spare!  It never truly feels like Christmas until I've hosted my first event of the holidays!  With so much family - and more coming in, I normally have 5 big dinners in the two weeks around Christmas and New Year's Day.  I'm quickly chipping away at that "to do" list - but there is still so much to do!!!  This painting is a little bit of crazy town in the midst of my whirlwind day.  I painted on a black canvas - which I have never done before!  I like it! It adds such a depth and mood to the painting!  With all of my recent watercolor explorations - I used my acrylics very much like watercolors, loosely painting and dropping in other colors while still wet.  It was so much fun!  I used acrylics for many years, without ever using them like this!  I additionally, used a palette knife to apply thick molding paste (mixed with white acrylic paint) to lay on the thickest snow to the landscape - leaving a texture you just want touch! I am going to buy more of these black canvases - already the countless compositions are swimming around my head!  Painting number 717 in 717 days :)

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