Friday, December 19, 2014

Walking Santa - miniature

Walking Santa - miniature
Acrylic on canvas, 5x5 gallery wrapped
Some new paints arrived in the mail today - and I simply could not wait to use them!  So, I sketched out a few Santas, and thought I would just start with acrylics and top off with the new oils.  As I worked, I like the feel and mood I was achieving with a very limited palette.  I actually grabbed the first yellow, red, blue and green that I put my hands on - and started painting!  The result is something out of my ordinary!  Instead of topping with oil, I mixed a little molding paste with white acrylic paint - and applied with my palette knife.  I painted four of these - all for my new oils - and I will not be using the oils on top of any of them!  Guess I'll have to start on a winter landscape to try out those paints!  Painting number 720 in 720 days :)

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