Sunday, December 28, 2014

Historic Courthouse

Historic Courthouse
Oil on panel, 11x14
Independence Paint Out
On location
The Independence Paint Out was a quick paint celebrating the one year anniversary of the Truman Courthouse restoration.  It was fun to walk through the halls, one room is full of Harry S Truman memorabilia  while another has a gift shop.  There was a youth division paint out as well for ages 14-18, and Michaela and her friend Clint participated.  Michaela's charcoal drawing was awesome - and Clint had a good start on his painting, but two hours was just not enough time.  Even the seasoned artists agree with the time issue!  It was dark when this photo was taken, and the glare from the flood lights reflects off the surface.  It is always so fun to paint with fellow artists - and extra special to have Michaela and Clint there too!  This is painting number 729 in as many days!

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