Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunset Fishing

Sunset Fishing
Oil on wood panel, 18x24
There is something magical about being on the water.  The gentle lulling of the waves is hypnotic - with or without a fishing pole in hand.  The fabulous sunset reference for this painting is from a dear friend of her very special place at Lake Minnie Bell.  When I first approached this composition, my first instinct was to crop off the dock area.  But, upon further study, I truly felt it should be left in.  The dock helps weigh down the painting - giving it more balance.  Additionally, it marks this sunset painting specifically as Julie's place - no other would have this exact composition.  This painting will remain on my easel for a few more days.   Laying my brushes down way after dark, I don't have natural light to get a good image here.  The colors always appear warmer and more yellow in such light.  In the full light of day, I will check this over again, just to make sure I am happy with every stroke.  It is such a beautiful place, I want to make sure I do it justice.  Painting number 710 in 710 days :)

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