Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Church by Stream - miniature

Winter Church by Stream
Acrylic on canvas, 3.5x2.5
I love to paint small town churches!  This painting is a miniature - only the size of a business card!  I first start with an acrylic wash, sketching in the composition.  The layers are built up with acrylic paint, and then molding paste is mixed into the white for snow, and applied with a palette knife.  The molding paste dries to a cloudy clear, so if no color is added, it will not look like snow!  I have made so much progress on my upcoming show today, that I feel like I will actually be ready on time.  It is no easy task getting 48 paintings together, framed, and bagged for delivery!  Painting number 724 in 724 days on this eve of Christmas Eve!

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