Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Golden Winter's Light

Golden Winter's Light
Oil on canvas on board, 9.5x13.5
What a busy Christmas Eve this has been!!  I started with a couple of classes at the gym, some last minute shopping and errand running, and an afternoon of organizing my artwork for Monday's delivery.  Then it was prepping for tonight's gathering of family - and the house is now full!  I am taking a few minutes to post this, so I won't be up at midnight to do the deed.  I painted this earlier, wanting a warm winter scene for the kitchen.  I have a couple of fabulous frames in very odd sizes, so I cut panels specific for them.  I spread canvas over the board, so I could skip the priming which takes a while to dry.  I even skipped the washing on of color first - which I always do!  So, on this one, I painted on white canvas!!  The unprimed canvas sure did soak up the paint - so unlike the primed wood surfaces I normally use.  Embracing the differences, I enjoyed the process of moving the paint, and the different way it pulled from the brush onto the high spots of the weave.  This painting is already hanging in the kitchen - though it will be wet for days.  I did spray it with quick-drying medium before framing, so hopefully that will speed the process along!  Painting number 725 in 725 days :)

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