Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roses by the Fence

Roses by the Fence
Oil on panel, 6x6
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Up and out early this morning, my son needed to be at weights by 6:00am.  I don't have pilates until 8:30, so this made the perfect painting window.  The roses are still loaded - and one thing the puppy leaves alone, so they are beautiful!  Painted in the early morning, before the sun was up - this one is moody.  Striving for a little more realism than yesterday, my values are also much closer together.  The paint is rather thick, with the brushwork closely following the shapes they represent.  I need to cut some small panels - as I have run almost out of them.  I prefer the smaller sizes for studies.  This painting makes 660 in 660 days - and I think I will paint a fall landscape I saw earlier for tomorrow's painting :)

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