Thursday, October 16, 2014

Poppies Batik

Poppies Batik
Watercolor, ink, hot wax on masa, 5x8
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What a day!  After my pilates class this morning, I headed straight for Parkville - and have been painting there ever since!  I couldn't get my panels stamped until 10:00, so I couldn't start as early as I would have otherwise.  I knocked out three paintings today - one in midday sun, another done at sunset - and the final was a nocturne which I couldn't start until it was completely dark since I had no idea of where the good lighting would be.  It was a gorgeous day to be out painting - in the 70's, and warm even at night.  I can work like a machine when I need to - and this event is over in two days - which means I need to!   It was my intention to post one of those tonight, but alas - I didn't get images and have actually left them in the trunk for the night.  I am too tired to fight the giant puppy to get them in safely!  He is very nosy and would likely lick paint right off the surface of them - which he has done before!  So, I am posting this poppy painting that I did a couple of days ago.  It is kind of crazy with it's dreamlike brushwork and the way the batik process worked (which is always a surprise because it is so unpredictable).  At first, I didn't like it at all - but it is now growing on me.  Well, this crazy painting is 655 in as many days and now I am ready to fall into bed :)


  1. Hello, Tammie, nice to see you agin in my blog!
    I see that you go on painting every day, that's great :)
    I see as wee la lot of very attractive new paintings and batiks, this one, for example
    I love very much, it is sining, so happy mood!
    I note also, that you sell your works in dailypaintworks, as I know it is not free,
    do you gain more than pay? how it works?
    have a nice day,

    1. Thanks, Natalie! Yes - I have been on Daily Paintworks since August, and it is $12.99 a month. It is just a tiny fee compared with the sales, so for me it is worth it. It is also nice to have a spot that I can direct people to go pay for the artwork - and I don't have to physically take care of the transaction. I also like seeing the stats and traffic associated with each painting that the site provides - it helps me see what the public is looking at most. Very informative :)

    2. Glad to know, that you've found such a good service, and that your painting put color and happines in the life of your customers, I hope to do as you one day...
      I tried sosiety6... 2 prints salled in a year... 5 dollars :D
      btw, the paintings you should send yourself, don't you?
      be happy, be inspirated, do draw ❤