Thursday, October 2, 2014

Iris Magic

Iris Magic
Ink, watercolor, wax on masa paper, 7.5x5.5
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Another day spent in experimentation - just trying to see what I can do with this masa paper!  I think painting and iris is challenging - so I am studying one today!  Using the same techniques I have in the previous days, this time I am using colors from the painting for the "crease work".  Wanting a little more color harmony on this one and a little less "old world" feel, I step away from the browns and use indigo and green for this work.  Rather than work all the creases the same, I concentrate on the background ones and just touch lightly on the petals.  I like the effect and the color pop!  I am having so much fun on these - and I just got a whole roll of this masa paper in!  Painting number 641 in 641 days :)

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