Wednesday, October 8, 2014

210 Kansas Avenue

210 Kansas Avenue
Oil on panel, 16x12
OPA Paint-Out - purchase here
on location

Set up on Kansas Avenue in historic Marceline, Missouri, I blocked in my colors.  The chilly morning had me bundled in two jackets - and wishing I'd had a third.  A young cat kept hanging around my legs - even trying to jump up on my palette a time or two.  As the owner of cats, I know to drop the lid down on my palette when they are near!  As I finished my painting and was taking it to the car, I could see that the fence needed a bit of work.  When I took it out for a little adjusting, I did so with my palette knife.  With knife in hand, I proceeded in bouncing all over the painting with color.  My previous brushstrokes had dried enough to grab the paint from the knife in an interesting way - it had been the first painting of the day, and had been in the warm car drying since then.  So, my question is - cool or crazy?  I like the marks, but have I gone overboard?  It is a little wild - is this an alternate me - the one with the knife?  I just can't decide!  This is painting number 647 in 647 days.

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