Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pumpkin in the Vines

Pumpkin in the Vines
Ink, watercolor batik on rice paper, 7.5x5.5
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Autumn brings the most wonderful, orange pumpkins to the local patches!  Today finds me painting this orange beauty on masa (rice) paper, after inking in the sketch.  On top of the cool wax, this time I left droplets of brown watercolor to dry (after the process of brushing the brown into the cracks for the batik effect).  When I ironed the painting between layers of brown paper, these droplets fused into the painting in irregular ways.  I think it is cool - adding another layer of unpredictable paint/wax mixing.  The batik effect adds something rather mysterious to this painting, my 644th in 644 days.

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